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Bruce Feuerstein is owner and manager of Johnson-Feuerstein Funeral Home. He was born and raised in Belding and is a lifelong resident. Graduated from Belding High School in 1980 and later graduated from Aquinas College in 1984 and Mid America College of Funeral Service in 1998. Bruce is married to Joy Reinhardt and they have one son, Miles. The Feuersteins are active members of the Belding community and serve each family with the highest level of care, compassion and dignity. They, along with the staff of Johnson-Feuerstein Funeral Home are committed to their motto the funeral home that cares

Allen Johnson was born in Adrian, Michigan and graduated from Morenci High School. He attended Adrian College and graduated from Cincinati College of Mortuary Science in 1960. He moved to St. Joseph, MI in 1961 and began working for Curly and Starks Funeral Home. Al became Vice President and General Manager before leaving the firm in 1984. That same year he purchased the Charles M. Courser Funeral Home in Belding. Mr. Johnson owned and operated the Johnson Funeral Home in Belding until his retirement in 2000. Though retired, Al continues to provide his services to the funeral home and community.


The funeral home was first opened on Pleasant Street in downtown Belding in 1919 by Arthur Fitzjohn. He purchased the building on 203 S. Pleasant Street in 1926 and owned and operated the Fitzjohn Funeral Home until his retirement in 1961. Charles M. Courser purchased the funeral home in 1961 and owned it until 1984, when he sold it to Allen Johnson. Today, the Johnson-Feuerstein Funeral Home is still located at 203 S. Pleasant Street, Belding and has been owned and managed by Bruce E. Feuerstein since 2000.

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